Types of Locksmith Services

A locksmith is a professional who provides different kinds of services related to locks. Some of the services you can get include making, installing, and repairing metal locks, making lock keys, and opening them in the case of lockouts. Due to technological advancements, there are different kinds of locks available on the market that are more complex compared to the old age or ordinary locks.

For this reason, you will need a professional locksmith to offer guidance and assistance. A great expert should have the ability to identify the ideal locking mechanisms that suit their customers’ security needs. Most of them can handle all kinds of door locks such as keyless entry locks, deadbolt locks, keypack lock, and key cutting. Others can even get you an automatic door opener as well.

It’s important to understand the main types of services offered by locksmiths to help you make informed decisions. They include:

Residential Locksmiths

This is the most popular category of lock specialists and they mainly focus on lockouts. This happens when a client locks his or her keys inside the house and they need the door opened urgently. Note that such an expert will also do other duties such as cutting keys and installing new locks. However, most of these professionals only sort basic locks. In case you installed a modern electronic or high-security lock, you will need an expert who specializes in domestic and commercial security.

Key cutting

People require duplicate keys for various reasons. Maybe you need a duplicate key for your loved one or employee. Whatever the reason, the services of a locksmith will come in handy. Key cutting has evolved, so specialists don’t use hacksaws anymore. Key cutting is advanced now, and sometimes it may involve using advanced key codes to duplicate digital security systems. The process is complex and can only be handled by a skilled expert.


Locks available in the market are tricky and difficult to install, meaning you may find it challenging to install them by yourself. If you decide to do it, you may end up damaging the lock or the door. As a result, you will need a professional to handle the installation.


Sometimes you may shut the door of the car without picking your keys out. Car keys can’t be copied like other ordinary keys. So when you need to unlock your car, you may have to consult a locksmith who has specialized in automotive security. Some of them even deal strictly with particular car models. The Lock-Up Services Inc website has more online resources available.

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