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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you dispatch?

Every day except Sunday and bank holidays.

Is lock picking easy?

It is easy to learn but not all locks can be picked. See our Youtube lock picking videos to see it in action.

Updated: 9am, 25th August 2014

10 years selling online

Lock picking tools for the UK

Grab yourself a bargin or a spare set. Once they've gone they've gone!

For 10 years we have supplied locksmith tools online but we are retiring from the business. We are offering lock picks at the cheapest prices you'll find but we can ONLY dispatch to UK addresses. Sorry!

Want to see how to pick locks?

lock picking on youtube.

We have three Videos for you to look at showing you how to detect security pins, how to bypass them and also one on how to use the tubular lock. See our Help Guides & YouTube sections for more details.

lockpicking tools and bump keys from Devon Locks.