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You will find all of the following on our website and it's all free!

  • Lock picking videos
  • Lock pick tutorials
  • List of UK locksmiths
  • How to make lock picks

Is lock picking easy?

It is easy to learn and not all locks can be picked. See our Youtube lock picking videos to see how to do it.

Are you looking for an emergency locksmith in Torbay?

The one we recommend is Keys and Locks Direct. It is a 24/7 company and has been going for over 21 years. Telephone: 01803 294 264

Free lock picking help guides and videos

We may have stopped trading but that doesn't mean all the freebies we had on our site should be taken down!

For those who need an urgent locksmith please visit our list of UK locksmiths section. For those who want to know how to pick locks themselves view the sections below.


Youtube. Videos

We have a few of our videos showing how to lock pick plus some other really good ones we've found along the way.

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pdf help guide.Help Guides

We have a collection of useful documents and pages with in-depth help for picking locks.

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How to make lock picks.Make your own picks

Making your own lock picks isn't as difficult as you may first think. In this section we cover how to make them.

Make your own lock picks.

List of UK locksmiths.List of UK Locksmiths

If you need to find a locksmith in the UK then this list provides a decent list covering all areas of the UK.

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lockpicking tools and bump keys from Devon Locks.